Company History

Positive was created over a decade ago with the purpose of excelling within the fulfillment services industry. At the time, the founders of Positive realized that the existing fulfillment companies lacked technological innovation and a dedication to delivering quality service... there was clearly room for improvement within the industry.

Positive quickly became a key supplier to several multi-national Pharmaceutical companies who demanded the highest levels of quality control and security for their products. Positive continues to maintain Health Canada licences to support these customers, and a strong focus on Quality in all the accounts we service.

In 1998 we launched our Electronic Fulfillment System which added robust online tools and reporting, allowing our Clients to dramatically improve the management of their sales support materials.

In January of 2006, Positive continued to expand our services within the Healthcare industry through the acquisition of the Physicians' Pharmilink sampling service. Since our acquisition of Pharmilink, this program has grown at the highest rate within the industry, and is now the foremost leader in the market.

Our ability to custom design and deploy solutions to handle our clients' challenges have made us a leader within our industry. Since 1997, Positive has continued to improve upon our business service offerings with noticeable results — consistent double-digit sales growth from both new and existing customers.


Positive Facility

Conveniently located in the heart of Canada's distribution centre, Positive's main facility is located where Hwys 427 and 407 intersect. For distribution within Canada, there is no place that can service more points in Canada, more cost effectively or with more next-day deliveries than Positive's location.

Our warehouse is a secure, modern facility that boasts a multi-partitioned DVAC alarm system, 24/7 video surveillance system, and secure lockup & quarantine caged areas.

Licences / Regulatory Compliance
Positive maintains the following licences at our facility:


Positive Quality

Positive is all about selling SERVICE. As such, maintaining the highest levels of quality service is our primary objective. Positive employs a full-time Quality Assurance Manager who oversees our Quality System, which includes among other things; proven Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's), and effective employee training programs.


Positive Technology

Since Positive's inception, we've worked hard to stay at the very forefront of technology. Positive employs an in-house team of developers and data analysts that are constantly developing new features and processes to provide better solutions for our customers.

Integrating with our clients' systems has become one of our key strengths. Positive has successfully deployed several customized real-time EDI integrations.

The technology that Positive utilizes remains secure and our data is backed up daily to ensure your mission-critical information is always available to you.