Quality Assurance
Our facility and systems are regularly audited and approved by Health Canada and by some of the most demanding clients in the world.

Positive operates under written standard operating procedures and is overseen at all times by our full-time Quality Assurance manager.


Our Quality Assurance team, led by the on-site, in-house Quality Assurance Manager, provides constant reassurance that your programs are in good hands. Everything we do, we do to put your brand in the hands of your customers – both accurately and in a timely fashion.

That’s why we support our clients with the most powerful data mining software available. And why we insist on employing highly-trained bilingual call operators. That’s why we offer the most flexible service in the business. That’s even why we invest in high-end printing hardware: to distribute and elevate your brand in the arenas that matter most.


Our robust Warehouse Management and Freight Management systems are proprietary and developed in-house. Whether implementing data integrations or developing custom reporting modules, our highly-experienced IT and Innovation department makes it easy to adapt to new client requests and evolving management needs. We can easily integrate powerful solutions with our clients’ pre-existing systems, making for a smooth and seamless implementation.


Positive Fulfillment Services Ltd. is both GMP compliant and a Health Canada licensed facility including the following licenses:

  • Drug Establishment License (Wholesale and Package / Label activities)
  • Medical Device Establishment License (Class l, ll & lll)
  • Class A Precursor License
  • Natural Health Products Site License

Our facility and systems are regularly audited by both Health Canada and by our clients – many of them top 20 pharmaceutical companies in Canada.


We take security seriously. Daily backups, offsite data back-up storage, restricted-access server room, redundant servers and a full disaster-recovery plan all contribute to the continuous, uninterrupted execution of your programs. You can be assured that not only your programs, but your data and reporting are completely secure.

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